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This candy is too big. This candy is too small. This candy is just right! Goldy Locks knew what she wanted. And now you will too! On, you'll find a candy that's the perfect size for you. That's because we have everything from bite size minis, to regular, to movie size, and gargantuan king size candy bars. This means that every candy lover can have as much of every candy they love and in the size they crave. Yay! Begin your hunt for the perfect candy selection by deciding what size you'd like it to come in. This will make it much easier for you to satisfy the craving you have and make your snack times perfect.

Have an eye that's bigger than your stomach? Or do you always have room for dessert? Whatever the case, we have a ton of different candy sizes to satisfy all appetites from big to small! From snack size candy bars, to bite size morsels, to itty bitty candies like Runts or Sixlets, you can choose what size snack you'd like to have in this candy category. Start shopping today and bring home a delicious bulk supply a price that won't break the bank. All of your friends and family will love you for it and we're sure your taste buds will too!