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Chocolate Starlight Mints - 5lb Bulk

Chocolate Starlight Mints - 5lb Bulk
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Great, hard to find candy
I used these chocolate mints to help quit smoking. They are delicious, and thankfully Candy Direct still makes them.
Review by Purple polka dots (December 21, 2016)

So Happy to have discovered
A couple of restaurants I regularly dine at have Chocolate Starlight Mints in a basket at their cash registers for customers to take after they've dined. I really love them & decided to purchase some for my husband & me. However, I discovered Chocolate Starlight Mints are not available in any store I know of in my area of SoCAL. I went to many of our grocery stores, Walmart, Target, big box stores, drug stores & finally ran out of stores for my search. Therefore, I went online & saw they were offered at only a couple of sites. CandyDirect had exactly what I wanted so I decided to purchase the 5# bag. The combination of chocolate & mint is so refreshing after a meal, or anytime for that matter, & they are very satisfying when you want a tasty treat of chocolate & mint. Both flavors are distinct & luscious! They keep well, will not spoil, & it's nice to know that I can put a handful in my purse & share with other friends or grab one in case I need a bit of instant energy. The price was good, shipping cost not all that bad, & ordering was easy. They came within the week! I was extremely happy with my purchase & would suggest this site for folks who love the taste of chocolate & mint. For my hubby & me, they surely are the best!
Review by Carol Long (December 7, 2016)

The Starlight Chocolate mints are delicious. I'm sure a lot of friends will get these for Christmas, as well as my family!
Review by Mary (November 30, 2016)

Very good!
I bought Chocolate Mint Starlight candies . . . they are excellent. I'm going to give some as gifts, some will go into my grandchildren's stockings, and the rest are all mine!!
Review by Mary (November 30, 2016)

Just because!
Love these mints as well as some family members also. Like to keep on coffee table for a quick snack.

Would like to see the sugar content, etc on pkg!
Review by Myrna Norwitz (November 30, 2016)

Large Selection
Shipment arrived quickly. Large selection.
Review by Robert (November 7, 2016)

got what i ordered promptly
got my order promptly. I could not find this candy in the supermarkets, great after dinner mint plus chocolate
Review by emily (November 6, 2016)

Chocolate Mints
I used this candy for my own enjoyment. Have not been able to buy it in stores but when I found that you could buy it on line that was great.
Review by Betty Bigelow (September 9, 2016)

They are great... I gave them to my friends as gifts and all have loved them.
yummy and great..
Review by karen (April 20, 2016)

Great find
A restaurant my husband & I frequent gives starlite chocolate mints to it's customers. We looked everywhere in stores but couldn't find them. Then some friends told us they bought some online. So I looked them up & came up with your website. I was delighted to find them & immediately placed an order. They arrived within a week. Now we have a baggy of them in each vehicle as well as a candy dish at home. We're happy!
Review by Lisa Betz (April 8, 2016)