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You don't need a telescope to search for these amazing twinklers high in the sky. That's because these Chocolate Starlight Mints are right here and ready for you to bring home to enjoy. Stargaze from your couch if these are stocked in your candy dish and enjoy a snack whenever you please.

Brown and green mint chocolatey swirls marble this amazing hard candy and take it into another galaxy of deliciousness. They're the perfect twist on a traditional mint and add a depth of flavor to every snack time with their rich, chocolatey taste complimented by original mint flavor. Drop a few of these awesome candies into a mug of hot chocolate for a new flavor burst. Add some to a cup of coffee to make a peppermint mocha! Even crush them up and sprinkle them on top of cupcakes and cookies to add a crunch and pop of delicious and unexpected flavor. This five pound bag will help you do it all.


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chocolate starlight mints

    chocolate starlight mints

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Customer Reviews


The Starlight Chocolate mints are delicious. I'm sure a lot of friends will get these for Christmas, as well as my family!

Nov 30, 2016

Very good!

I bought Chocolate Mint Starlight candies . . . they are excellent. I'm going to give some as gifts, some will go into my grandchildren's stockings, and the rest are all mine!!

Nov 30, 2016

Just because!

Love these mints as well as some family members also. Like to keep on coffee table for a quick snack.

Would like to see the sugar content, etc on pkg!

Nov 30, 2016

Large Selection

Shipment arrived quickly. Large selection.

Nov 7, 2016

got what i ordered promptly

got my order promptly. I could not find this candy in the supermarkets, great after dinner mint plus chocolate

Nov 6, 2016

Chocolate Mints

I used this candy for my own enjoyment. Have not been able to buy it in stores but when I found that you could buy it on line that was great.

Sep 9, 2016

They are great... I gave them to my friends as gifts and all have loved them.

yummy and great..

Apr 20, 2016

Great find

A restaurant my husband & I frequent gives starlite chocolate mints to it's customers. We looked everywhere in stores but couldn't find them. Then some friends told us they bought some online. So I looked them up & came up with your website. I was delighted to find them & immediately placed an order. They arrived within a week. Now we have a baggy of them in each vehicle as well as a candy dish at home. We're happy!

Apr 8, 2016

High quality mints

I sell these candies in my candy shop and everyone loves them

Dec 9, 2015

Go for it!

This is the second time that I have ordered from Candy Direct. Ordering is easy and the product arrives quickly. I buy Chocolate Starlight Mints because it is a favorite and I can not buy them in a store

Nov 14, 2015