Sunkist Fruit Gems - 10lb Wrapped

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Wrapped, 10 lbs

S.W.A.K.: Sealed with a kiss! These bright, and loveable Sunkist Fruit Gems are a kissable treat you'll love popping into your mouth, snack after snack. You'll find yourself weak in the knees and with an urge to let your "foot pop" every time you indulge in one of these chewy, delicious gummies.

Individually wrapped, these gummies come in a variety of fruity flavors and beautiful colors of pinks, purples, and reds that will make you swoon. Savor the sweetness when you bite into this gummy's sugary crunch and feel the love as you enjoy its ooey-gooey, smooth chew. Have an upcoming birthday party you'd like to sprinkle some love into? Want to add some extra romance to a anniversary dinner cocktail? Have a sweetheart you just want to spoil? Stock up on a bag of these delicious Sunkist Fruit Gems today to please your entire family.


The Price for These Sunkists was a Gem

These will be perfect for our son's Aufruf (Candy toss when he is called up to the Torah before his wedding).

Dec 24, 2014

Good old candy

I have been trying to find these candy for along time.

Oct 8, 2014


The CANDY I purchased is for our sons Bar Mitzvah, for the guests to "lightly pelt" @ the Bar Mitzvah Boy!?! Still not 100% sure of this crazy ritual....but our lovely Rabbi (American) told me the only place to get the BEST CANDY was from!! He also warned me that the guests usually take a few, one to throw & a few to EAT!! Not that we are planning a LARGE SIMCHA, but I did get extra for our guests to nibble on....Next to the Kippahs, it has been all about THE CANDY!!! Thank you!
Jordana Frankel-Sable
Toronto, Canada

Sep 21, 2014

Always Get individually wrapped

Unwrapped ones dry out, always get individually wrapped like these.

Nov 5, 2013
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4 Reviews | Add Your Review

5.0/5 stars

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Sunkist Fruit Gems - 10lb Wrapped


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