Mini Swedish Fish - Red 5lb

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Mini Swedish Fish - Red 5lb

Mini size, 5 lbs

These oh-so popular Mini Swedish Fish are bright red and feature a silly fish shape. The gummy candies have the perfect chew factor to satisfy the sweet tooth in your life. Great for birthday parties or other events that include a fish or sea theme, you can set a metal ‘fish' pail of these out on your serving table filled to the brim with these goodies to add to your sea-themed décor.

The fun, vibrant red Swedish fish can be packaged as unique candy favors for friends and relatives to take home too. Kids will love playing with and eating these yummy gummy fish. They also make a delicious sweet snack when you head to the beach or pool for the day, so you can surprise your family with these creative little candies. Kids will love receiving these treats as a surprise in their school lunch bags too and will surely be the envy of their friends.


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Mini Swedish Fish - Red 5lb


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