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Toblerone Mini Chocolate Bars - 80ct

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80 bars

Surprise friends, loved ones, or coworkers with these luscious Swiss Toblerone Mini Chocolate Bars. The perfect holiday treat, these decadent bars feature a unique triangular shape and are loaded with nougat, honey, and almonds to create an amazing taste sensation.

Add a classy touch to any occasion with these gourmet Swiss chocolates and their extraordinary shape and flavor. The mini chocolate bars are the ideal bite-size snack for employees who don't have much time for a break during the day or for busy parents who are always on the go. These satisfying chocolates are also beautifully packaged, making them a lovely addition to the decor at parties or special events like showers, wedding receptions, or holiday parties. Biting into one of these scrumptious bars is sure to put a smile on your face and make you realize why the Swiss have a reputation for producing such fine chocolates.


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Toblerone Mini Chocolate Bars - 80ct


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