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Tootsie Rolls Assorted Flavor Twisties - 5lb

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5 lbs

Meet and American classic, the Assorted Tootsie Roll! This adorable little morsel of chewy chocolate has been around since 1896 and has been pleasing palates around the world ever since. In this assorted selection of lemon, lime, cherry, orange and vanilla, you'll discover even more reasons to love this classic.

Each candy comes individually wrapped and is the perfect bite size for snacking. Fill a piñata with a few handfuls of these, add some to your Halloween candy stash to surprise excited trick-or-treaters, even keep some around the house to add to the inside of cookies and brownies, or to be snacked on when you need a delicious treat. With over 60 pieces per pound, you'll have mouthful after mouthful of chewy, rich flavor to look forward to for snack times to come. Bring some home today to wow your family and friends with your classic taste in delicious candy.


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Tootsie Rolls Assorted Flavor Twisties - 5lb

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Customer Reviews


I don't like these quite as well as the ones that are all chocolate, but many people like some hint different and this is a great way to stock up for Halloween. If you pass out candy to the kids or have party of one kind another around that time, this would be a great choice!

Sep 5, 2015

Self consumption

BUY DIRECTLY FROM THEM THRU HERE! Candy was the freshest I've EVER gotten before. Love buying direct and not having to go thru stores! EXTREMELY easy ordering thru the website and VERY fast delivery. =)

Jun 24, 2015

My favorite candy

I purchase the 5lb. package of Tootsie Rolls so that the candy would last longer. I have tried other candy, but due to the heat in California, the candy would melt before I could enjoy it. The tootsie rolls retained their flavor, and show no sign of melting away. My sweet tooth is happy with the purchase.

May 17, 2015

Candy Buffet

A nice colorful addition to a candy buffet for a high school graduation open house.

May 1, 2015