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    Unicorn Pops - Large 2.5oz 36ct

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    Large, 2.5 oz, 36 count
    Length: 18 inches

    Bright and colorful Unicorn Pops will make your next party more magical. They feature a hard candy ribbon in a rainbow of colors twisted along a stick for a kaleidoscope of color.

    Each lollipop looks just like the twisted horn of a unicorn, so these treats will delight children and fantasy-loving adults. When you unwrap the unicorn-themed wrapper, you'll be able to enjoy the sweet taste of the fruity pop.

    Give these individually-wrapped pops away at birthday parties, fantasy-themed events and for Halloween. These beautiful pops are even elegant enough to work as a wedding favor.

    Place them on tables next to each guest or incorporate them into bouquets. You could even create unicorn cupcakes and stick a horn into each one to complete the look. They will add some color and imagination to any event. Turn the make-believe into reality with these fancy horns!


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    Unicorn Pops - Large 2.5oz 36ct


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