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Sometimes, you just don't want all the fancy flavors and frills. You just want some plain old vanilla. For when you're in that kind of mood, stock up on these Vanilla Taffy candies!

Nonetheless, if you love vanilla, you know it's not really plain or ordinary. It has a sweetness and a delicate flavor that caresses your taste buds without overpowering your sensibilities.

In each of these candies, you also get the chewy texture of a taffy and a beautiful white hue that is simple and classy. You can't go wrong with vanilla at an event. Some people don't like chocolate, they can't eat nuts and they don't like too much fruity flavor, but more than likely, everyone will love the vanilla choice!

These elegant white taffies are fitting for an array of occasions from a child's birthday party to a wedding, where it will match the pure white dress. If it's a black and white wedding, you could complement the white with a black chocolate or licorice choice.


yum - yum - yumI order this around the Holidays

I have ordered this before, usually around the Holidays. I send some as a gift and then for my own consumption,
It has arrived beautifully packaged, always fresh and in good shape. One absolutely delicious . It always arrives on time. Try it once and you will fall in love with its smooth texture and delectable taste.

Nov 8, 2016

love you

candy got here on time will be ordering again thank you so much

Oct 21, 2015

It's Addictive!

This is my second order of the White Vanilla Taffy, and it WON'T be my last! It is SO delicious and almost habit forming. I believe the "chew" is soft and easy enough to not damage dental work or braces and actually melts in your mouth if you decide to eat it that way. Love, love LOVE IT!

Jul 31, 2015

One Taste and I was Back at the Fair!

Love, love, LOVE your vanilla taffy! I always connected white vanilla taffy with visits to the Mississippi State Fair when I was young. Now, many years later, I was unable to find the taffy at the NC State Fair, where I now live.

Just by chance, I began looking for the taffy on various candy sites. Most taffies I found were saltwater, and I didn't think it was a taffy of that variety. Finally, excited that I may have found exactly what I wanted on Candy Direct and ordered immediately. I was so excited when it arrived (Fast shipment too!), I opened the package and popped a piece in my mouth. Voila! It was almost like being a kid enjoying my favorite taffy at the State Fair!

It is a WONDERFUL product, perfect for a quick sweet snack and would be a perfect pickup food at a party for kids or adults. It would even be a nice as a tasty treat at wedding receptions. I highly recommend its sweet, vanilla taste and soft, not-too-chewy texture! Thank you, Candy Direct. You made a sweet memory a reality!

Apr 22, 2015
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4 Reviews | Add Your Review

5.0/5 stars

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Vanilla Taffy - 3lb Bulk


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