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Watermelon Dark Green Jelly Beans - 5lb

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5 pounds

The rich green color of these Watermelon Dark Green Jelly Beans will amaze anyone lucky enough to indulge in these juicy, fruity treats. Perfect for a party or event that calls for a particular color theme, these emerald colored jelly beans have an eye-catching shine to them that will draw your guests in again and again.

As impressive as these Watermelon Dark Green Jelly Beans look, their delicious fruity flavor will seal the deal and keep everyone coming back for more. Bundle these together in decorative mesh bags or clear containers and serve them as favors to your much appreciated guests, or make your next holiday more festive when you decorate with these green jelly beans for occasions at Easter, Saint Patrick's Day or Christmas. You can also serve them at sporting events where the team colors feature green or school events when green is among the school colors.


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Watermelon Dark Green Jelly Beans - 5lb


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