11 Sweet Wedding Favors for Autumn

Autumn Wedding Favor Ideas

If you’re planning on an autumn wedding, there are a ton of design and fashion options to choose from. There are also a variety of adorable, thoughtful, and timely wedding favors that you can give out to guests. Make your guests “fall in love” with you and your spouse with these top fall wedding favor ideas.

Warm their hearts.

The fall means cooler temperatures are either here or coming soon. That’s why we love these little hot chocolate vials so much! With a custom label, mini marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, and hot chocolate mix, you’ll have an easy-to-transport and incredibly thoughtful gift for guests to take home. Plus, who doesn’t love a little chocolate? This is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Keep them cozy.

We love a wedding favor that’s functional at the event and after. These rolled up blankets are a genius way to keep your guests comfortable during a cooler wedding ceremony, introduce a more casual feel, and give them something to cuddle up to in the future. You can attach a little note to each one thanking your guests for coming to your special day or even make a cute label that says “Warm your hearts with love.”

Bake with love.

When someone says “fall,” we say, “apple pie!” We’re not sure if your brain draws the same scrumptious connection, but if it does, then you should definitely try these homemade pie pops for your wedding favors. Choose from apple, pear, pumpkin, or another fall flavor and mix up a big batch of these to make your guests feel loved and appreciated. To make them the perfect take-home gift, wrap them in cellophane so they stay extra fresh.

The way to their hearts.. is through their stomachs.

This particular wedding favor has salty, sweet, and crunchy properties—all of the best flavor and texture combos! Use a custom wax paper bag stamped with “Mr. and Mrs” or your names and you’ll have the makings for an incredible favor. At the end of the night, set these out on the dessert table for people to snack on immediately or take home to enjoy tomorrow.

Spread the love.

You don’t have to be a chef to make these pint-sized wedding favors. If you have a favorite jam or spread, buy in bulk and add your own stamp or label. This particular version attached a cinnamon stick with a little piece of twine, so you can add your own element of love to the mix too if you’d like. Maybe a candy cinnamon stick?

Deconstruct caramel apples.

If you need to make your party favors ahead of time, these caramel apple packages are the perfect solution. You can assemble the caramel mixture, get your bags tied and ready, and then the day before, pop in some fresh apples to top it all off. You can even swap out the caramel for a candy apple recipe if you prefer. Or do half and half to add some visual interest to your wedding tables! Maybe garnish with a hugely popular Caramel Apple pop.  Make it your own!

Treat guests like your honey.

The fall is all about the harvest season. No one knows that better than the busy bees that are flying to and fro to finish off their honey before winter. With little bottles, honey sticks, and corks, you can create a sweet treat for your guests. Come up with an equally as lovable message for the outside like “sweet love” or “sweet on you” to let your personality shine in every wedding favor.

Let love grow.

Sunflowers line the hillsides in the fall and make everyone smile with their cheerful yellow blooms. Spread the same cheer at your wedding by wrapping up some sunflower seeds for your guests to plant. The best part of a gift like this is that they’ll come back year after year and remind your guests of your blossoming love.

Plant a seed of love.

These seeds aren’t for planting, but eating! You can harvest your own pumpkins, hull them out, and then have a massive seed roasting party. There are a ton of recipes out there for pumpkin seeds from sweet cinnamon spice to roasted garlic and parmesan, so you can decide on the yummiest flavors. Then, wrap them up in little baggies or bottles and create a label that says your names and “seeds of love.” Your guests will appreciate a homemade gift, your creativity, and of course, the delicious flavors.

Be sappy.

Maple syrup is a perfect idea for a fall wedding favor. You can order little bottles from practically any maple sugar company and online country store. Once they’re in, you’ll just have to attach little labels that read whatever sweet message you like. We think it would be even better if you included a small pancake or waffle mix with these maple syrup jars for a complete gift.

Don’t worry about being too “corny.”

While we have already featured popcorn in its popped state, presenting your guests with their own bags of popcorn kernels is also a fun idea! We love the funny play on words in this label message, but you could also change it a bit to speak more to your relationship. These kernels are super cheap to buy in bulk and can be wrapped up just like this or added to small mason jars.


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