Chocolate is one of the fundamental elements of candy. On the periodic table of candy it would be carbon or helium or whatever other element is, you know, super important to life. Chocolate has that same important role in candy; it is practically essential for candy life as we know it. Its influence runs deep and wide in the world of sweets, romance, culinary arts and more.

The articles below cover many of the glorious possibilities of chocolate. Pair chocolate with your favorite wine for your big date coming up. Pair beer with chocolate for your big party. Re-create your favorite chocolate candy bars in super-size or gourmet fashion at home from our amazing candy recipes. Ever heard of 3d printing chocolate? That's doable too, with the right equipment. Maximize your chocolate experience with the awesome DIY tips and tricks below.

Print Your Own Candy!

Candy, it is a gift everyone loves and you'll find it everywhere as spring approaches. Soon you'll have the opportunity to do more than buy a box of gourmet chocolates or ...more