19 Delicious Funfetti Recipes (Skinny Options, Too!)

Sprinkles on Top Recipes

Funfetti is a classic “confetti” cake mix that has a cult-like following of sweet tooths everywhere. It’s vanilla-based, and full of colorful rainbow confetti sprinkles. Over the past few weeks, Funfetti recipes have taken over our entire Pinterest dashboard. But we’re not complaining.

With all of the amazing rainbow-themed parties we’ve been seeing this summer, it would be a perfect addition to any birthday party candy buffet.

You can’t spell Funfetti without F-U-N, and your tastebuds will thank you for any of these awesome Funfetti recipes below.

Funfetti Cheese Ball

A funfetti cheese ball? Sign us up. This recipe calls for cream cheese, butter, and brown sugar, so you know it’s extra-decadent. The animal crackers add to the cute factor, but we wouldn’t recommend serving this to a group of young children at a party. It could incite a sugar riot.

Get the recipe at: Fun With The Full Woods

Skinny Funfetti Cake Dip

This lighter version of the regular funfetti dip looks as good as the original, and doesn’t come with any guilt after you eat it. We love the idea of using strawberries to dip with instead of graham crackers.

See more at: The Skinny Fork

Funfetti Birthday Cake Popcorn

Sweet and savory treats make some of the best desserts, ever. We’ve been mixing M&M’s in our popcorn for years now, but after reading this recipe, we might change our go-to movie snack.

It’s so simple and delicious; all you need is white chocolate chips, funfetti cake mix, and sprinkles! The cake mix sticks to the melty chocolate, so it’s not messy to eat. Brilliant.

Get poppin’ at: The Emerging Foodie

Skinny Funfetti Cheesecake

Amanda from The Skinny Fork knows how to make some of the most appealing, low-fat desserts ever. This “funfetti” cheesecake doesn’t actually call for funfetti mix, but it mimics the taste using sprinkles, greek yogurt, and cream cheese.

Get the skinny recipe at: The Skinny Fork

Funfetti Pancakes

Pancakes are a versatile treat; they can be breakfast treats, or ‘breakfast for dinner’ treats. This is another recipe that doesn’t use the actual cake mix (Karlynn can’t justify giving her kids cake in the morning) but achieves the taste using cream and yogurt.

You could easily turn this into a skinny breakfast by substituting the flour and sugar with almond flour and artificial sweetener.

See more at: The Kitchen Magpie

Marshmallow-Stuffed Funfetti Cookies

We never thought about mixing marshmallows with funfetti, but it looks like a great idea. Stuffing any baked good with more sweetness is never a problem.

Helpful hint: when measuring flour, don’t scoop from the bag-it packs the flour tightly into your measuring cup. Instead, pour the flour into the measuring cup. Too much flour will dry out your cookies

Get the gooey scoop at: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Baked Funfetti Donuts

Sally mentions something very important in this recipe: When life throws you a curveball, you have three choices: let it define you, let it destroy you, let it strengthen you….or just eat sprinkles. So really, you have 4 options.

Truer words have never been spoken. And yummier donuts have never been made.

See more at: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Funfetti Puppy Chow

Puppy chow is one of the most important snacks you should teach your children, because it’s easy to make, you can make a great volume of it, and you can live off of it in college for about a week.

At any rate, this simple treat is alot like the funfetti popcorn, except instead of using cake mix, you use powdered sugar and sprinkles.

Get the recipe at: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Funfetti Milkshake

Credit: Wine & Glue

Credit: Wine & Glue

This is what started our funfetti craze; we saw how simple and easy the recipe was and rushed to the grocery store to pick up all of the ingredients: vanilla ice cream, cake mix, and milk. That’s it! So simple, but so satisfying. It’s a great way to use leftover funfetti mix from one of the other recipes you use.

See more at: Wine & Glue

Skinny Funfetti Milkshake

Sally (the master of funfetti) from Sally’s Baking Addiction came up with a genius guilt-free version of the super popular funfetti milkshake using only 4 ingredients: bananas, almond milk, greek yogurt, vanilla extract, and SPRINKLES! She says the sprinkles are optional, but we know that sprinkles are never optional. They’re required.

Get the skinny scoop at: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Vanilla Funfetti Cake Roll

Cake rolls are a classic dessert, and are usually rolled with jelly or marshmallow. While it may seem complicated to make, it’s actually rather simple. After you’ve baked the cake, simply spread the filling on top and roll it with a dish towel. Then, chill it so it all sets.

This funfetti cake roll uses vanilla icing and sprinkles as the filling. It looks like the perfect dessert for summer barbeques. Add candle on top or jelly beans.

Get the recipe at: Betty Crocker

Skinny Funfetti Granola Bars

Granola bars are usually hit-and-miss. Sometimes they taste like tree bark, and sometimes they taste like cookie bars. This skinny recipe seems like it might be more of the latter. According to Amy, it tastes like a cupcake, and the secret ingredient is butter extract.

It’s rich in taste and fiber, and low in fat. Perfect for an afternoon snack when the kids get home from school.

Get the guilt-free recipe at: Amy’s Healthy Baking

Funfetti Fudge

Victoria from The Pursuit of Hippieness wanted to recreate the taste of funfetti cake, using natural ingredients. The result looks amazing, and apparently tastes just like cake batter. With minimal ingredients, this simple recipe is sure to be a hit.

See more at: Pursuit Hippieness

Momofuku Funfetti Layered Cake

Momofuku Milk Bar is one of the most renowned bakeries in New York, and for good reason. They are the creators of famous confections like the Crack Pie (with oat crust and gooey filling), and this layered “funfetti” birthday cake.

Michelle from Hummingbird High takes a stab at the delicious cake, and it involves soaking the cake in milk and vanilla extract. The payoff must be incredible.

Get the recipe at: Hummingbird High

Funfetti Whoopie Pies

Ice cream sandwiches, whoopie pies, and double doozies are the most brilliant dessert sandwiches ever made: sweet, soft, creamy filling between two warm cookies. What more do you need in life?

Oh, right, sprinkles! Well, this funfetti whoopie pie has all the sprinkles you could ever want, and tons of marshmallow fluff to complement them.

See more at: Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start it out with a helping of delicious cinnamon, sugary, sprinkly goodness? You can skip lunch, if it makes you feel better.

Get the recipe at: Love From The Oven

Funfetti Twinkies

Remember the great Twinkie scare of 2013, when Hostess apparently took their beloved desserts off the market? Well, it only lasted 8 months (publicity stunt? probably) and they were back on the shelves. This creative take on the Twinkies is one to save for an indulgent day.

See more at: Tartlet Sweets

Funfetti Pound Cake

Credit: Yums & Loves

Credit: Yums & Loves

Pound cake is notoriously thick and dense, which is one of the reasons why people love it so much. Another reason is because it’s simple and casual; a kind of cake you eat when you have nothing in particular to celebrate.

Check it out at: Yums & Loves

Funfetti Coffee Creamer

As if you needed an excuse to jazz up your morning pick-me-up routine. Invest in some butter extract (yes, it exists) because you’ll be using this recipe every Monday, at least!

See more at: Crazy for Crust

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