Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day done right takes a little something special. It means going that extra step to make someone feel special. We at feel like we are in a unique position to help you do just that. Candy is all about feel special and giving yourself a treat. It's about indulgence and sweetness and has a sensual quality - especially chocolate - that really gets people revved up. Those are the exact things that V Day is all about.

Just getting a heart-shaped box of chocolates ain't gonna cut it anymore. It's not about coughing up big bucks for come jewelery bling either. Personal touches are what resonates most. Make a custom candy jar for your kids, work on a custom chocolate pairing for the wine your wife loves, or the beer your husband loves - seriously there are beer pairing being done, and they're fantastic. Don't let being single keep you down either. Make personal valentines for other single friends or for dear old Mom.

The most important thing is to get involved. Engage your loved ones and give them a personal token of your feelings for them. Check out these amazing articles to help guide you. Put your personal spin on the ideas therein or follow them verbatim. Let us know how it went in the comments sections. Valentine's Day is a super fun holiday. Enjoy!