Balls Of Fire Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct

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Balls Of Fire Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct
Bubble gum balls in an intense cinnamon flavor

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Ball of Fire bubblegum will make your tongue tingle with every bite! This unique gumball confection includes an orb of chewy gum with a bright red candy shell. The exterior hints at the taste hidden inside.

Beware: this fiery treat is not for the weak-tongued or faint of heart! Pop one in your mouth and experience intense cinnamon that sets your taste buds on fire! Find out who can last the longest by sharing Ball of Fire bubblegum with friends.

This brilliant red gumball also makes a great treat for holidays and special occasions. Enjoy the red hot taste of cinnamon while giving your mouth a workout with soft, chewy bubblegum!

Our bulk gumball pack gives you large quantities so you have plenty to share or hand out during events. Use them to fill the office candy jar and surprise your coworkers or place them in treat bags and wedding favors to spice things up!


Fire bubble gun balls sooo delicious!
I grew up with these. Bought them for years then was informed they were no longer made. Please bring them back. Thank you
Review by Priscozyhome (October 4, 2016)

hot fire candy gum
my best good company wow I love it hot fire candy gum wow I hope you send to me free candy gum fire for me ;)
Review by thomas (August 19, 2016)

Missing my Fireballs
I used this gum to share with my grand kids one of the flavors and memories from my childhood. Fireball bubble gum was one of my childhood treats I thought was gone forever until I rediscovered them online. Even thought this, after dinner treat, is currently out of stock my hope is that Fireball Bubble Gum will return soon to this web location and make me, and my grand-kids happy.
Review by Hank Gray (August 15, 2016)

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