Gimbals Sugar Free Chews - Cherry - 5lb

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Gimbals Sugar Free Chews - Cherry - 5lb
Sugar free soft wild cherry flavored chews
5 lbs

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5 lbs
Sugar free soft and chewy wild cherry flavored candy from Gimbals. These chewy candies have a great wild cherry taste you will sure love. There are 75 pieces per pound.


These are by far the best sugar free chews around.
Soft with a great texture. Not gummy bear like. More like Jujy fruit. Sticks to teeth mind. Yummy. Bursting with cherry flavor. I have an old time candy store I use to buy these from. They can't them in stock. Now I buy from candy direct in bulk and never run out. If you're not use to sugar free candy start slow because they do cause some comical gas.
Review by Kurtis (October 8, 2016)

Enjoy the sugar Free Chews
I am lost without some sugar Free Chews to have a small snack each day.
Review by Karen Ahern (November 28, 2015)

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