Hot Tamales - 4.5lb Bulk

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Hot Tamales - 4.5lb Bulk
Hot chewy candy
4.5 pounds

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4.5 pounds

Taste buds everywhere swooned when Hot Tamales were born in 1950. Whether you are addicted to cinnamon or in need of a candy capable of giving you amazing breath, Hot Tamales are what you are looking for.

Their spicy hot flavor wakes up your mouth and warms you up inside, making them the perfect companion to a cold day. Shaped like their Mike 'n Ike relatives, these cinnamon candies are the ideal size for snacking. They are also the perfect size for most gumball machines.

Their bold red color makes them essential for Valentine's Day and Christmas celebrations, and they are a great addition to your candy buffet at a black tie event. Hot Tamales are manufactured by Just Born, an American company, so they are made in the USA.

These chewy candies will make you feel like you are cheating on your diet, but since they are fat-free, you don't have to feel too guilty about going back for seconds.


Great tasting candy
I love these candies I think I ate the whole bag myself. Buy them as they are a terrific buy . Very fresh & great tasting.
Review by Peggy (March 12, 2017)

These are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, if you want a "hot", soft & chewy candy, look no further!!! These hot tamales taste great and have a bit of a kick. I got my 1st few boxes at a store near me, got home and tried them, they were all gone in less than a week--lol. I went back and bought 20 more boxes, same thing, gone. Went back again and got 40 boxes, do you see a pattern???? I did a web search and found "Candy Direct". They offered 4.5 lbs @ $15.99 (Bulk) and I was hooked. As I type this I await my 2nd order of 4.5 pounds. Take my advise and give them a try, you can buy less, if you have kids they will love them and I bet you will enjoy nibbling on them at night watching TV. As I said, they are great,,,,,,,,
Review by HotDerb (January 19, 2017)

Great husband loves his gift
My husband loves hot tomales. He was tickled to get such a large bag of them and very happy with his 68th birthday gift.
Review by Sue Mundell (July 3, 2016)

Hot Tamales
I ordered (2) 4.5bags of hot tamales as a gift for my mother who lives in Ky. I was getting them in less than 2 days and was so excited that they would be here in time for our trip. With no fault of the co. they were sent back by FedEx because the label got stuck to a package that should have went to NH. I emailed the co. and they responded very expediently. Before I could cancel my order I had my candy in hand. I believe in customer service and Candy Direct didn't let me down.
Review by Penny Richards (June 23, 2016)

Greatest T.V. Watching snack
Hot tamales has been my favorite all my life. I was so happy when I found Candy Direct so I could have a on going supply around. My grandkids love them too.
Review by Joyce Mayer (June 11, 2015)

Freshest Hot Tamales Ever!
I always use Candy Direct to have sweets on hand for the grandkids visits. These hot tamales were a big hit. Because they are bagged, not boxed, they are extremely fresh. I ziplocked the leftovers for the kids next visit!
Review by sue (January 30, 2015)

Just right for my office treat jar
Who knew they would be so popular... I was buying 10+ boxes of movie size a month to keep my treat jar on my desk at work filled. Know I have this big bag for refilling. Perfect!!! And keeps our company President happy.
Review by Connie (December 27, 2014)

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