Assorted Jawbreakers 1-inch - 25lb

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Assorted Jawbreakers 1-inch - 25lb
Classic assorted jawbreakers
1 inch, 25 pounds

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1 inch, 25 pounds
Diameter: 1-inch
These jawbreakers come in assorted colors and are super hard. Very tiny sweetart in center. A tasty jawbreaker that lasts and lasts in your mouth.


Sweet, large center
I like candy sweet & sour, so these were unlike the ancient gobstopper candy I grew up with. That said, they do a fine job of keeping the cane-sugar style of sweet coming... for about 18 minutes on an active tongue. The centers of these particular 1" size are about half an inch, and that "sweet tart" center is the only gently sour part of the whole experience. My only issue with the construction is the larger center of soft candy. I'd have preferred it if the center was even smaller.

I'll keep searching for the more sour variety, but these are enjoyed by folk I've let try them who like it "all sweet".
Review by Lagarto (March 16, 2017)

Great stuff!
I am a sucker for jaw breakers. I ordered these once and the lady who cleans my house sampled them--and I ended up giving HER a five pound bag for her birthday. You now have TWO of us addicted! The jawbreakers are flavored according to color, somewhat, and then when you finally reach the center (in a long time!), they have a sort of sweet tart center. Christmas is coming and I already have an extra bag of these laid back for my house cleaning friend!
Review by Suz (December 10, 2016)

One Inch Jawbreakers
I love jawbreakers. The jaw breakers I obtained from Candy Direct were particularly good. They each had a distinctive flavor on the outside, according to color. Then, the center had a crunchable sweet tart filling. While I love love to say I shared my jawbreakers with others, the truth is, I ate every one myself. I did break down and buy a bag for a friend as a gift--but no sharing of my personal stock!! I have recommended these to all friends who I know love hard candy. I have ordered these three times and each order was delicious and delivered promptly.
Review by Susan Walker (September 29, 2016)

jaw breakers
My mouth gets dry ,so these are great . I have them in my cookie jar , and take them to work. when you want something sweet these are handy.
Review by louise scerni (May 30, 2016)

1 inch Jaw Breakers
Best jawbreaker we can find. Third time purchase. Can't chomp it. My husband plays in a band and he sucks on one the whole time he's playing. The 1 inch jaw breaker last an hour. They have a great middle also, kind of like a sweet tart.
Review by Cheryl (February 10, 2016)

Delicious, Good Value
I just purchased 5 lbs of large jawbreakers to keep in my office to munch on from time to time. They are exactly as advertised, delicious. I keep a mug full of them on my desk, and pop one into my mouth from time to time when the mood moves me. The bag is large, so these will last me a while.
Review by George (February 20, 2015)

Happy candy
1 inch jaw breakers for my nieces they were very happy as was I with prompt shipping
Review by Jon (December 30, 2014)

grandkids joy
Christmas candy the grandkids love jawbreakers this way I get more for the money and the kids enjoy them.
Review by lois (November 28, 2014)

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