Lifesavers Rolls - Wild Cherry - 20 rolls

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Lifesavers Rolls - Wild Cherry - 20 rolls
Lifesavers Rolls Wild Cherry
20 rolls

Product Info

20 rolls
Lifesavers rolls wild cherry flavored. The candy with the hole. A true American favorite! Wild cherry mints that will bring joy to anyone who trys one.


Be a Life Saver
We used the rolls of Life Savers during our workplace "Safety Week" as a reminder to employees to be a "Life Saver" at home as well as work.

You should order it 2 weeks before you need it. The shipping took a week.
Review by Trish Davis (September 7, 2016)

Finally got my candy back
After long searches for the life saver candy I loved to have around, I finally found it on candy direct. No stores ( or very few) carry the rolls of life savers that I love. Great job and kudos for Candy Direct.
Review by joe (April 10, 2016)

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