Gummi Sharks Assorted - 5lb

Gummi Sharks Assorted - 5lb

  • $18.99

Impress your guests the next time you have a birthday party or special gathering when you treat them to these amazing Assorted Gummi Sharks. Resembling sharks with their fins and all, these delicious gummi candies come in a variety of flavors and colors, including blue, orange, red, yellow, and green.Their vivid colors will add a festive touch to any occasion, and they are especially appropriate for kid's parties or beach-themed parties and events. These Gummi Sharks also feature an attractive white bottom, so they have a two-toned, striped appearance for an even more stunning effect. These little creatures will look great ˜swimming' around the dessert table or surrounding the birthday cake tray, adding a splash of color. They also are ideal party favors as kids will love their yummy fruity flavors and chewy texture. Create mini ocean pools using paper cups filled with blue tissue paper or confetti paper, and then top the paper ˜water' with a bunch of these swarming Gummi Sharks for a creative favor idea.

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