Light Pink Milk Chocolate Balls - Foil 10lb

Light Pink Milk Chocolate Balls - Foil 10lb
  • $109.99

Your guests will be tickled pink with these shimmering treats! These Light Pink Milk Chocolate Balls feature foil wrappers in a beautiful light shade of pink with a sheen that makes them glimmer in the light.When a guest unwraps the foil, they will be able to enjoy the treat within: a solid ball of delicious milk chocolate. These chocolate balls have an expert mix of cuteness and elegance. That means they're versatile enough for a little girl's birthday party or an elegant affair.They perfectly fit a themed event, whether the theme is princesses or it has pink in the color scheme. Since they are individually-wrapped, you can scatter these chocolates around tables or use them within gift baskets. They also make perfect favors when you add a bunch to a favor box or you can use them to fill a jar as part of a candy buffet.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping.

Milk chocolate balls wrapped in light pink foil. Simply fill up your candy jar with these chocolate balls and it will perfectly fit your theme color. Perfect for weddings, parties, events, and individual enjoyment.

SKU: 3023729-MID-001770

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