Gummy Peach Os - Trolli 4lb

Gummy Peach Os - Trolli 4lb

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Yes, these Gummy Peach O's are as delicious as they look! Kids love them because they can wear them on their fingers like rings and nibble the candies as they get the urge.Adults love them simply because they just like their favorite summer fruit, but with a sour kick. These candies boast a medley of peachy shades and are coated with sour sugar. They are soft and chewy, and sure to invoke a smile. Trolli is the maker of these Gummy Peach O's.This is a Ferrara Candy Company brand that knows a thing or two about making weirdly awesome and totally flavorful sour candy. Make jewelry out of them for a kids' party, or pour them in candy dishes for a baby shower or a spring wedding. These fat-free candies are a nice addition to any event or candy buffet.

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