Mallo Cups - 24ct

Mallo Cups - 24ct
  • $52.99

Mallo Cups candy are the flagship product of Boyer Brothers Inc. The company was founded by the Boyer brothers in 1936. As the Great Depression ravaged the country, the brothers started a tiny chocolate company right in their kitchen to help supplement their income.Even though the business technically belonged to the brothers, the rest of the family helped out. What started out as a door-to-door candy company became a major, profitable business after the famous Mallo cups were introduced in the late '40s.Today many people love the smooth, chewy filling and chocolate shell of Mallow Cups! Each cup looks similar to a peanut butter cup, but is instead filled with fluffy whipped marshmallow. The outside is covered in a solid milk chocolate shell. It's a combination made in confectionary heaven! Our bulk Mallo Cups includes many individually wrapped full size candy bars that you can enjoy at home or share at events!

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