Bite-Size Mars Bars Assorted - 10.5oz bag

  • $7.99

Our Mars bars bite size assortment makes sure you never have to choose just one candy bar! This assortment includes many classic treats that appeal to adults and children alike. Each assortment includes miniature Twixt, Snickers and Milky Way candy bars.Instead of the full size bar, you get convenient bite sized portions that are easy for quick snacking and sharing. Mini Mars bars come individually wrapped in their corresponding packaging.Each features the familiar logo of their candy bar brand plus a metallic background that makes them even more appetizing. Bite sized candy bars are a great choice for holidays. Use them to fill Easter baskets or hand them out to trick or treaters during Halloween.Our Mars bars bite size assortment includes something for everyone's taste buds! Order these miniature candy bars for birthday party treat bags or keep them at home so you never run out of your favorite confections.

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