White Rock Candy Crystals - 5lb

White Rock Candy Crystals - 5lb
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Small size, 5 lbs

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i ordered rock candy for my mom's wedding favors.

needed a small funnel or scooper

Review by kelly (October 22, 2016)

This candy rocks!!!
The clear rock candy is great!!! To be honest, we use it for
hot tea.....the flavored kind...ginger, camomile, green tea,
etc......it melts so quickly, much better than granulated sugar.
You can do a lot with this.....When the fall, winter season comes upon us.....I make some cough medicine....Yes, that is right...An old home remedy.....Some Rye Whiskey, and some rock candy, plus citrus fruit...like orange, grapefruit, maybe some cherries, if in season...you could also do grapes etc. You figure out your own mixture....I have a small crock...I put in about 1 cup of rock candy and the fruit...let it sit for a week or more.....it is great for a cold, cough or to get rid of the chills....Ask any old time Dr....Be sure it is not taken by little children without adult supervision.
Review by Jerseygirl (October 12, 2016)

Caffe` Correctto
My dear friend here in Las Vegas is one Ms. Carol Licata of Queens. A few years ago she inherited her Grandad's Anisette recipe. Yes, you read it correctly, the Liqueur, Anisette. The key ingredient which I remembered from my Boston-based Grandad is Hard Rock Candy. We decided that we owed it to our Vegas friend/foe the real Italian experience of "Caffe`Le Marche"; formulation, Espresso, Anisette with 3 coffee beans. One of my assignments was to collect all of the ingredients. My research led me to Candy Direct for the Rock Candy. What a pleasant experience it was; from the first call assuring me that I would receive the pure product, to the ease of ordering, to the competitive price and importantly the quickest delivery on the internet. That, my fellow "Candy Enthusiasts" is what we in the Caffe` Liqueur Business is called; a Caffe`Correctto.

Thank you, Candy Direct.com.

R J Piantidosi
Review by R J Piantidosi (June 5, 2016)

Rock Candy for Anisette
A friend of mine has an Old World recipe for making the liquor, Anisette. Ms. Carol has agreed to teach me the process so I can pass it on to my 3rd generation Italian children. I researched the Internet and Candy Direct answered my question quickly on line and had a competitive price for both the product and shipping charges. I ordered and it was on my doorstep within 48 hours. That, my candy lovin friends is the way to run a confection bidness......R J
Review by R J Piantidosi (February 25, 2016)

Rocking Selection.
I bought the rock candy to use in my niece's wedding favor. Candy Direct had it at a great price but what really sold me on buying it from this company was the customer service. I had couple questions and when I called, the associate I talked to was very pleasant and answered all my questions quickly. Would buy from them again.

Review by Kim Woodard (August 10, 2015)