Salt Water Taffy Assorted Mix - 3lb

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Salt Water Taffy Assorted Mix - 3lb
Salt Water Taffy - 3lb Assorted Bulk
65 (195 total)
3 pounds

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65 (195 total)
3 pounds

Can't decide on a salt water taffy flavor? Then choose this Assorted Bulk Salt Water Taffy. You'll get a variety of flavors in every batch! That way, you can enjoy numerous flavors and event guests with different tastes will all be satisfied.

This salt water taffy will remind you of the shore, although when you buy it from us, you can enjoy it anywhere! Each candy comes individually wrapped with the color showing through the wrapper. That way, the vibrant hues will decorate your event and you can see which flavor is which.

Add a bunch of these chewy, sweet candies to gift baskets, decorate event tables with them and use them as party favors. They come with 65 pieces in every pound, so you can scatter some everywhere and make sure every guest gets to enjoy some. These treats are perfect for beach-themed events for children and adults.


I have had this incredible craving for salt-water taffy for quite a few years. My local stores do not carry it. My friend always forgot to bring me some from the coast on her many visits inland from the Oregon Coast. I decided to check out the prospects on-line, and much to my surprise I found Candy Direct. I ordered 6 pounds! Their taffy is soft and delicious, and my cravings are now satisfied. Thank you Candy Direct for sending me such a great product.
Review by Karen (June 1, 2016)

Soft and flavorful
I bought this candy because whenever we're traveling and stopping at different attractions we always come across taffy and it's always so fresh and soft and I wanted to see if this would be, and it was. Definitely will be buying again.
Review by Gillenbowler (November 8, 2015)

Assortment not so good
I got the assorted taffy because I couldn't make up my mind which flavor I wanted. But unfortunately it was mostly the Neapolitan and peppermint. Not much at all an assortment. Then on the other hand it was fresh and good.
Review by Joette (May 7, 2015)

Saltwater taffy assorted mix 3lb
Went to Branson, MO and got a small bag of taffy. Got hooked on the stuff and you can't just go buy it at the local Walmart store. Looked online at several sites and found this one to be one of the best for the price per lb. great tasting taffy! Just like saltwater taffy should taste like, soft, chewy pieces with amazing favors. I will be ordering more soon.
Review by Christina (April 23, 2015)

I ordered taffy for my sister but my daughter is really enjoying it ALOT!!! is good deal for the money !!!
Review by sharon (October 24, 2014)

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