Vanilla Salt Water Taffy - 5lb

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5 lbs

Summer, summer, summertime! Your mouth will be singing and your taste buds will be basking in the rich, chewy flavor of these Vanilla Salt Water Taffies. These candies have been stretched, pulled, and enjoyed since they were discovered in the 1880s when a candy shop was flooded with salt water!

Bring these amazingly beautiful and delicious, bright white taffies to your next family get together, add them to a make your own candy bag buffet bar, incorporate these into a wedding for a dose of bright white and sweet, soft flavor, or just chew on these any time of the year when you need a taste of the summertime. In every order, you'll receive five pounds of taffies with over 65 pieces per pound! That's a lot of chewing and savoring to look forward to. Get yours today to bring a dose of summer into your everyday snacking.


Salt Water Taffy

These were purchased for a candy bar. The taffy was nice and soft and full of flavor.

Nov 20, 2016

Melt in your mouth goodness

Used for wedding favor.
Light vanilla flavor. Old fashioned salt water taffy. Yummy.

Jun 30, 2016

Vanilla Salt Water Taffy

Bought several bags for a work event, candy was shipped and delivered very quickly (within a week) and very fresh and delicious! I liked that you could pick and choose colors to match the theme.

Jun 6, 2016

Good, good Taffy!

I bought this Vanilla Taffy for myl husband while he was in the hospital. He loves Taffy but hates flavored taffy. I bought this because I could buy all Vanilla flavored candies. He loves it! It has become his favorite Taffy. Thanks, Candy Direct!

Mar 28, 2016

Perfect (& delicious)!

I ordered the vanilla taffy for my son's upcoming Grad party. Hoping it doesn't go over too well as that would leave more for me! Vanilla taffy is my favorite and Candy direct informed me that the taffy will remain fresh for 6 months. It's soft, chewy and simply wonderful!

Jun 11, 2015

candy to good to be true. love it.

i bought 10 pounds because it has been so many years that i have had salt water taffy that i think i over did my purchase. i was so hungry for vanilla taffy, guess that is why i bought 10 pounds.
to much for our family of 3 so i'm giving a lot to neighbors and friends. the love the fact that it soft and don't stick to your teeth.
will buy more in the future, maybe for the holidays but not 10 pounds worth. 5 stars.....

Mar 27, 2015


We used these in a candy buffet for my wedding. They worked really well.

Nov 7, 2014

great candy for a wedding favor

This candy is so soft and fresh. It almost melts in your mouth

Sep 11, 2014

great candy for a wedding favor

this taffy is very soft, chewy and has a wonderful vanilla flavor. Great candy at a great price

Aug 24, 2014
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9 Reviews | Add Your Review

5.0/5 stars

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Vanilla Salt Water Taffy - 5lb


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