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Yogurt Covered Raisins - 5lb

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5 pounds

Like mini snowballs, these delectable Yogurt raisins will melt in your mouth and reveal their sweet raisin interior. Their bright white, yogurt coating is a healthier option to satisfy any sweet craving and their raisin also provides a dose of vitamins you can feel good about. These little yogurt covered raisins make a great addition to any gingerbread house because they look like naturally shaped snowballs!

They are also amazing to keep around the house and add to a bag of trail mix for a pop of sweet, creamy flavor, to add to baked good, wrap up in your child's lunch box for a healthier sweet treat, or to keep in a jar for snacking in between meals. These amazing little yogurt covered wonders are a popular selection among candy fans and with their rich, creamy taste and chewy raisin center, it's no wonder why!


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Yogurt Covered Raisins - 5lb


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