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Sixlets 8-Ball Tubes - 20lb

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Looking into our magic 8 ball, we see deliciousness heading your way! That's because these Sixlets 8-Ball Tubes are here and ready for you to take them home to enjoy. With a crisp, hard candy shell and chocolate inside, these Sixlets are a delicious round chocolate treat that every candy lover can stand by.

Since they're individually wrapped, these candies make a great choice for big group affairs you might be planning. Bring some home to put into a birthday piñata. Add some to a Halloween trick-or-treating bucket. Dish some out at a party for kids to munch on. Even stuff some into a candy gift basket or goodie bags for your friends to enjoy. With eight delicious chocolates in every pack, you'll have just the right amount to satisfy a chocolate and sweet craving. Get your bulk supply of 195 packages of these Sixlets today and start enjoying their chocolatey goodness!


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Sixlets 8-Ball Tubes - 20lb

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