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Three Musketeers Bars - 36ct

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Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping.

1.92 oz, 36 count

Three Musketeers candy bars are a tasty snack that will calm even the pushiest sweet tooth! This classic confection offers a combination of smooth chocolate and chewy filling. Each starts with a bar of whipped confection that gives the candy its fluffy appeal.

The outside is smothered in a thin layer of rich milk chocolate for a taste that is unlike any other! The very first Three Musketeers candy bar was sold in 1932 by the M&M/Mars brand. It originally included three separate pieces in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors – which inspired the name.

It was originally marketed as one of the biggest candy bars available at the time and cost a mere 5 cents. The current version contains only one flavor and costs a bit more than 5 cents per bar, but still presents the same quality and unique texture that everyone loves! Order bulk Three Musketeers candy bars today for events, parties or at-home snacking.


Product and Customer Service I give them 5 STARS

They sent me a free shipping coupon code because of being on their news letter to receive.The weather here is still warm but not over hot and hesitated about ordering these big 3 musketeers chocolate covered bars.But took the chance that they would not melt.When received with out asking or paying anything extra they put a frozen jell pack in the package to keep them cool enough.Out side candy container was a little damp but all 36 bars arrived in perfect condition.Excellent company to do business with.

Oct 10, 2015

Very good candy

To get the candy and I use it for me

Apr 15, 2015

Second time around.

These are the big 3 musketeers bars. Spouse loves these and the fireballs too. Sign up for their news letter. And from time to time you will receive either % off a $ amount. My favorite is the free shipping. Always wait when stock is down and receive this on a set $ amount then we replenish our goodies then.

Mar 28, 2015

Full size and under $1.00 each.

Costco in our area only now sales the bite size of these. Spouse loves these and the bulk fire balls Candy Direct sales. Cheaper then in stores if you have a coupno code or offer from Candy Direct. So I wait until stock is low order the fire balls and now will order 3 musketeers too. I ALWAYS ORDER IN BULK.

Dec 10, 2014
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4 Reviews | Add Your Review

5.0/5 stars

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Three Musketeers Bars - 36ct


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