Assorted Rods Hard Candy - 14.5lb

  • $95.99

Sometimes the sweetest candies come in the simplest packages. Our assorted rods hard candy is a perfect example of a basic confection that offers tons of amazing flavor.This unique treat includes short tubes of hard candy. Each piece is bite-sized and features many irresistible flavors. Each tube color indicates a different flavor. Our assortment includes popular favorites like peppermint, butterscotch, lemon, sour cherry, wild cherry, licorice, pineapple, tangerine and strawberry.Each piece of rods hard candy is individually wrapped so it stays fresh and ready to eat. Unfurl one end and enjoy as the confection melts in your mouth. Our bulk hard candy is the best choice for events and special occasions.Get an assortment to pour into candy dishes at birthday parties and reunions or use them to fill wedding favors or treat bags. Picky eaters will find a flavor they love while the adventurous will enjoy sampling a variety of rods hard candy!

SKU: ND-28825

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