Smarties - Bulk 8lb

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Okay, smarty pants. You don't have to be such a "wise guy!" We know this candy's IQ is high, but we think its flavor level is even higher! These amazing Smarties candies are stacked, wrapped, and ready to blow your mind with a smart mix of tasty texture and fruity flavor.In a variety of light pastel colors, these chalky, sweet, and tangy little morsels will make your taste buds brighter with every bite. Since they're individually wrapped in a tube, these candies make a great idea for Halloween treats and will make little trick-or-treaters smile. They also make a great addition in birthday party goodie bags, used in gift candy baskets, stuffed into stockings, and kept around the house for light snacking. It doesn't take rocket science to know these little candies are delicious. Use your brain and get some of these amazing candies today to thrill your friends and family!

SKU: ND-771

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