Mighty Mints - White Wedding Mints 5lb

  • $23.99

Get ready to pump some iron in your mouth! These delicate White Wedding Mighty Mints may look dainty, but they're packed with a strong burst of mouth freshening flavor that will pump up the volume for your taste buds. Walk down the aisle with an extra spring in your step with just one mouthful of these powerful mints.Stock up your wedding reception candy dishes with these to give your guests a burst of energy to hit the dance floor for hours. Even keep these around the house to enjoy spontaneously whenever you need a fresh minty kick of flavor or want to amp up your candy dish selections. Your entire family and all of your friends will keep coming back for more. With five pounds of these amazing Might Mints, you'll experience wedding bells and dumbbells whenever you pop these amazing treats into your mouth.

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