Necco Wafers - Assorted 24ct

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Necco Wafers - Assorted 24ct
Fat free assorted candy wafers
2.02 oz rolls, 24 count

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2.02 oz rolls, 24 count
Necco assorted wafers. The original candy wafer. They come fat free and with great flavors. Necco assorted wafers are an amazing classic that have a great taste.


I haven't had the candy since high school
way back yonder in the late fifty and early sixties. When we have our 65yr class reunion I a gonna order a few carton
Review by Pistol (January 23, 2017)

Neccos wafers
I remember Neccos from my childhood 60 years ago... now I live in Japan, and thought I'd never taste them again, until a friend told me that they existed on line! I can't get them mailed here, but on every trip to the US I buy as many as I can. For some reason, they help me sleep....
Review by Michael Chaplan (August 2, 2015)

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