Candy Cigarettes - 24 Packs

  • $21.99

Don't worry mom and dad, candy cigarettes are safe and completely legal for all ages! These classic candies are full of sweet flavor with a fun twist. Each king size box contains an assortment of smaller boxes.The packages are designed to resemble a simple box of cigarettes, with fun "brands" like Target and Lucky Lights. Flip open the lid and pull out a long stick of sweetness! Each candy cigarette includes a powdered texture that's easy to bite but can be sucked on for long lasting enjoyment.Bulk candy cigarettes are an excellent choice for events and parties. Use them to fill treat bags at birthdays or hand them out during holidays. They also make great gag gifts or can be given to someone who recently stopped smoking as a way of curbing the urge to have something stuck between their lips. No lighter is needed to try these tasty candy cigarettes - just pop open the box and enjoy sugary confection!


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