Anise Squares Candy - 5lb

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Anise Squares candy offers the unique taste of this classic plant in a delicious hard candy. Anyone who loves licorice will absolutely adore this one-of-a-kind confection. Anise has been used in cooking and baking for years. It is favored because of its sweet aroma and savory taste.It was used as far back as Ancient Rome to spice cakes that were enjoyed at the end of feasts. Our Anise Squares candy give you that same amazing taste in a convenient package. Each hard candy is individually wrapped in a handsome maroon cellophane wrapper. Simply twist the ends to free the candy and enjoy!Anise Squares are great for filling the office candy jar or to offer guests a little snack at home. Our bulk anise candy packs make it possible to share your favorite licorice flavored treat at special events like weddings, showers, birthday parties and holiday gatherings. Anytime is a wonderful time to enjoy Anise hard candy!

SKU: ND-30700

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