Bit-O-Honey Candy Bars - 36ct

Bit-O-Honey Candy Bars - 36ct
  • $42.99

Even chocoholics have days when they crave something a little different. Whether you are not big on chocolate or just want to surprise your taste buds with something unique, these Bit-O-Honey bars are for you.If you have eaten these delightful bars before then you know just how special they are. If you think you ate them when you were young, but aren't sure if they are the same thing, they probably are! Bit-O-Honey was first released in 1924, and although they are nearly impossible to find in stores today, Pearson's Candy Company is currently still making them, and you can order them here at you share these with friends and family, everyone is sure to walk down memory lane together. This is the type of candy that reminds of fond times spent together. Bit-O-Honey consists of bits of almonds that are enrobed by honey-flavored taffy. Each bar has six perforated pieces, so they are convenient to break apart and share.

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