Black Ice Blow Pops - 48ct Box

Black Ice Blow Pops - 48ct Box
  • $11.99

Black Ice Blow Pops offer intense blackberry flavor in a convenient lollipop! Everyone loves the sweet taste of classic Blow Pops. This unique lollipop includes a generous piece of bubble gum inside a hard candy shell.Enjoy the hard candy outside then chew away once you reach the bubblegum center! Adults and children can't resist the allure of Black Ice Blow Pops. The original version of the Blow Pop was patented in 1969 under the Triple Treat brand.It wasn't until 1973 that the Charms Blow Pops we know and love were introduced. Many different versions have been created since then. You can still enjoy the standard flavors or try something more exciting like our cutting edge Black Ice Blow Pops!These Blow Pop boxes make it so easy to get large quantities for birthday parties, picnics, reunions and much more. Whether you want to enjoy them at home or share them at a gathering, our blackberry Blow Pops will go fast!

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