Kiwi Berry Blast Blow Pops - 48ct Box

Kiwi Berry Blast Blow Pops - 48ct Box
  • $21.99

The name of these Kiwi Berry Blast Blow Pops is quite a mouthful, just like these lollipops give you a mouthful of exciting and exotic flavor! The combination of kiwi and strawberry is always a favorite, and these Blow Pops execute it perfectly.Once you've licked through the hard candy shell, you get a bonus of a bubble gum center. Chew it and have fun blowing bubbles! These pops come in a bright pink color that looks just as appealing as it tastes. Since these lollipops come individually wrapped, you can pull them out any time you need giveaways.Give them away at birthday parties, kid's activities and special events. Since you can buy them in bulk, they even make amazing school or organization fundraisers. You can also use them within candy bouquets or candy buffets at an event. Allow your guests to take the candy decorations home as favors at the end of the night.

SKU: ND-32989

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