Mean Green Blow Pops - 48ct Box

  • $11.99

Mean Green Blow Pops are the creepiest version of this classic lollipop candy! Blow Pops are one of the most beloved lollipops in the world today.Children and adults alike love the amazing taste and unique design that makes these treats so unique. Each Blow Pop includes a disposable stick that supports an orb of delicious chewing gum surrounded by a layer of hard candy.Our Mean Green version features sweet, succulent lime! Each lollipop is individually packaged in a solid black and neon green wrapper. The outrageous color scheme is a great choice for Halloween but can be enjoyed during any holiday. Order bulk Blow Pops to enjoy at home whenever you're craving powerful citrus flavor.These lollipop boxes are also a must-have for educators and anyone who works with children. Give them as a reward for a job well done or a prize for winning games at school events.

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