Super Blow Pops Assorted - 48ct

Super Blow Pops Assorted - 48ct
  • $29.99

Let's face it; suckers were not the most popular candy in the world of treats at one point. Then, Charms came along with Blow Pops, and everything changed.Suddenly, all the cool kids in school could be seen eating them in the hallway, and adults looked forward to their long commute to work, so they could sneak one in. Just when you think a candy can't possibly be loved more, Charms released Super Blow Pops.They are everything you love about the original ones, but in a bigger size. This box of Super Blow Pops Assorted has all the fruity flavors your taste buds crave, like Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, and Sour Apple.You enjoy a hard candy sucker that seems to last forever, and when you finally think you have come to the end, you find the fun is only beginning, as you are awarded with a big piece of bubblegum. Give these to the kids during a movie, and you might not hear a peep out of them for the entire thing.

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