What-A-Melon Blow Pops - 48ct

  • $21.99

What-A-Melon indeed! The burst of amazing flavor you get when you suck on these What-A-Melon Blow Pops will make you understand the silly slogan.Everyone loves watermelon, so you can't go wrong if you choose this flavor in bulk. After you lick through the surprisingly delightful watermelon hard candy, you'll reach a center made of bubble gum, so you can finish your treat with a mouth-cleansing, breath-freshening, bubble-blowing experience! Even the packaging is fun on these individually-wrapped pops.The detailed green wrapper makes the oval lollipops look like mini watermelons, with a hint of pink on each end as if you exposed the flesh within. Bring these Blow Pops to any summertime soiree where the taste of watermelon fits in as well as the smell of sunscreen. And since this kind of watermelon is always in season, you can enjoy the satisfying taste any time of year you want.

SKU: ND-32990

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