Strawberry Bon Bons - 5lb

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Everything about these Strawberry Bon Bons should make you smile. The packaging will draw attention on even the biggest candy buffet.The shiny wrapper looks just like a strawberry with red representing the fruit and green present for the stem. There are even seeds all over it. Since they are individually wrapped they can be used in candy dishes, lunchboxes, holiday stockings, and gift bags for parties.When people see the charming strawberry sachet they won't be able to resist them. Strawberry Bon Bons have a hard red candy shell. You could suck on them like a solid hard candy, but once you find out that there is a soft chewy filling inside, future candies won't last quite so long.They taste like you are biting into a fresh berry picked from the vine, and you won't have to deal with seeds in your teeth. If you have a business, this would be an excellent alternative to the mints you usually keep out for customers to enjoy as they leave.

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