Vanilla Turkish Taffy by Bonomo - 24ct

Vanilla Turkish Taffy by Bonomo - 24ct
  • $48.99

Get a taste of your past with these Turkish Taffy bars and be sure to introduce them to the next generation! Bonomo Turkish Taffy has a history that goes back to Coney Island in the early 1900s.With its tough, yet chewy consistency, you'll find it fun to smack or crack this treat described by its manufacturers as "interactive." This variety adds the flavor of vanilla to the sweet taffy taste. Just like the olden days, it's still made in the United States, and this delectable treat is also Kosher Certified. When you order, you'll receive a whole box of Turkish Taffy to devour and share. Open the top and display the bars at a vintage party or a carnival-themed event. Or separate the bars from the box and pass them out on Halloween or as party favors. You'll delight those who remember these delectable candies and introduce a new favorite to children.

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