Beach Ball Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct

Beach Ball Bubble Gum Balls - 850ct
  • $63.99

What could possibly be better than brightly colored bubble gum? Well, gum that looks like beach balls, of course. This bulk supply of Beach Ball Bubble Gum Balls includes assorted colors in all your favorite fruity flavors.Including Blueberry, Orange, Strawberry, and Watermelon. Bite into one of these Beach Ball Bubble Gum Balls, and your senses are awakened by the bursting bold flavor, and since they have a 1-inch diameter they are perfect for blowing bubbles.As their name implies, these Beach Ball Bubble Gum Balls look just like beach balls you would play with in the water. This makes them perfect for beach-themed parties and summer barbeques. Kids can't get enough of them, so they are ideal to add to gift bags. You can always use them as a bribe for good grades, or to convince your children to do their chores, too.

Assorted colored bubble gum balls. Do you feel like you need a nice relaxing day at the beach? Dream on while you chomp on these beach ball striped gumballs. 1 inch in diameter.

SKU: C105227-MID-001494

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