Watermelon Bubble Gum Balls 1-inch - 850ct

  • $92.99

Watermelon gum balls are a unique treat with tons of juicy flavor! Fruit candy is great, but fruit flavored gum is even better. If you want a sweet confection that will last longer, our quality gumballs are an excellent choice.Instead of eating your favorite flavors, you can chew on them for much longer. Our handsome watermelon gumballs feature soft texture and a look that's amazingly realistic. Each tasty ball of gum incudes a candy shell exterior in dark green.Subtle light green stripes wrap from top to bottom, much like the patterns typically seen on a real watermelon rind! The stunning shine enhances the appearance, which looks great whether you pour these into a gumball machine, glass dish or candy jar.Green gumballs are a great choice for birthday parties, picnics, holidays and much more! Use our watermelon gumballs to fill baby shower favors, wedding favors or treat bags for kids.

SKU: ND-27888

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