Bubble Gum Cigarettes - 24ct Display Box

Bubble Gum Cigarettes - 24ct Display Box
  • $29.99

If you or someone you love is trying to ˜kick the habit,' these fun Bubble Gum Cigarettes may help achieve that goal. These Bubble Gum Cigarettes are packaged in authentic looking cigarette boxes and look very realistic, but you'll be puffing out sugar rather than smoke.The colorfully-designed boxes come in different ˜brands' that feature fun designs and logos. These Bubble Gum Cigarettes are also fun to include a birthday parties or other light-hearted festive occasions. Guests will enjoy chewing on the flavorful, long-lasting gum and receiving a pack or two of the treats in their goody bags. They'll have a blast blowing big bubbles and seeing whose will pop the fastest too. Whether you are using these treats as a fun way to help stop smoking or as a sweet treat at a festive party, you'll love their delicious, long-lasting flavor and colorful packaging.

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