Butterscotch Buttons - 7lb Bag

  • $35.99

Here, we all wish that our clothes were fastened with these amazing little morsels. That's because these Butterscotch Candy Buttons are so delicious and beautiful that we can't get enough! Wrapped in a crinkly, gold cellophane wrapper, this bright caramel colored candy is ready to melt away in your mouth and leave you with a rich, buttery flavor you'll want more of.Try sprucing up your candy dish selection with a traditional addition of these classic candies. Put some out on your kitchen counter as a delicious snack to hold you and your family over until the next meal. Even add some of these to a classic candy buffet bar for a taste of yesteryear. Whatever your plans are for enjoying this amazing candy, with 90 pieces per pound, this five pound bag of Butterscotch Buttons will allow you to snack for hours and hours.

SKU: ND-19084

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