Candy Buttons - 1000ct Unwrapped

Candy Buttons - 1000ct Unwrapped
  • $246.99

Remember peeling these pretty candy buttons off their paper wrapper and popping them in your mouth as a kid? Now you can share these fun, old-fashioned Unwrapped Candy Buttons with your children or grandchildren too! Each sheet contains dozens of colorful little candy buttons in colors like blue, yellow, and pink.These are a great candy to have on hand at school fairs and festivals or to give away at children's birthday parties and other kid-friendly events. You can include them as part of a goody bag for guests to take home or offer them during the party so kids can dig in right away. They'll love the sweet, crunchy taste and the fun button shape, and they'll enjoy peeling these button by button and row by row until they've cleaned off the whole sheet and are ready to start fresh on a new one! Stock up because your kids won't be able to stop at just one sheet of these delicious treats.

SKU: ND-461

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