Metal Candy Scoop - 5oz

candy scoops metal
  • $26.99

If you're a fan of candy jars, then your candy arsenal won't be complete without some of these great silver Candy Scoops! With their lovely silver sheen and perfect handheld size, they'll look great next to any candy jar and will add a bonafide candy shop touch to your home.Each scoop is ready to pick up 5 oz of candy, so they're ideal for if you're hosting a candy buffet bar party and want to give guests the tool they need to fill bags with snack size portions of all the candies they love. And their economical price will allow you to get multiple scoops to accommodate candy buffet bars of all sizes. These scoops are a great way to make sure your candy stays clean and free of germs bare hands might introduce. Plus, they look really beautiful when they're used. If you're a candy lover, bring home some of these scoops today!

SKU: ND-11044

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