Full Caramel Block - 5lb

Full Caramel Block - 5lb
  • $59.99

You can find dozens of uses for this decadent Caramel Block, from more classic ideas like melting the caramel and dipping apples in it to create rich, creamy caramel apples in the Fall to cutting the block into bite size candy caramels and serving them in pretty mini muffin cups or packaging them as party favors during the holidays.This delicious high-quality caramel block also makes a great topping for ice cream when a drizzle of warm caramel is desired, or it provides the perfect accompaniment to warm apple pie or apple strudel. Caramel always brings to mind delicious home cooking or all-American apple pie, and there is nothing more satisfying than topping a yummy dessert with some indulgent caramel for added flavor. The scrumptious taste of this caramel block will bring to mind warm Fall desserts and lovely Autumn events like hayrides, apple picking, and playing in the pumpkin patch.

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